Other Services

Quarterly Supervisory Committee Procedures Assistance

Your supervisory committee has ongoing review procedures that it is required to perform. We are here to help. We have developed baseline procedures to meet the ongoing key procedures examiners expect the committee to accomplish. These procedures can be tailored to your committee’s needs, performed as stand-alone engagements, or in conjunction with the credit unions annual audit. Indeed, due to overlapping procedures, credit unions engaging us to perform quarterly procedures experience a fee discount on the credit union’s annual audit. Because the procedures are performed each quarter, timely feedback is provided throughout the year.

Account Reconciliation and Troubleshooting Services

We can provide your credit union with reconciliation services who desire either monthly reconciliation services, an outside review of the account reconciliation for control purposes or we can provide assistance in troubleshooting out-of-balance conditions.

Loan File and Lending Procedures Review

The loan portfolio is the largest asset and the highest risk area on a credit union’s balance sheet. Your credit union can benefit from our in-depth loan file review services to assure that loan documentation process is appropriate. Control procedures and loan policies are evaluated to assure that lending risks are properly managed.

Strategic Planning Services

Your annual strategic planning session can be greatly enhanced by having a CPA professional either facilitate or participate in this session. On a consultation basis, our professionals will be glad to attend your planning sessions in any role your credit union management desires.

Internal Audit/Internal Controls Co-Sourcing Services

In today’s competitive business environment, providing outstanding member service is paramount. However, these same services can also create business risks which need to be properly managed and controlled. Our internal audit service can provide the desired level of ongoing review desired by your credit union, whether it be base-line supervisory committee duty assistance or full service internal audit procedures designed to help your credit union manage these risk exposures. Your credit union will greatly benefit from these in-depth services because this service can be tailored to meet your needs.

Other Specialized Assistance

  • Records Reconstruction Assistance
  • Bond Claim Assistance
  • Key Employee Change Audit Procedures
  • Consulting Services

Whether your credit union needs assistance reconstructing with the above services, or other desired consulting and specialized, Ferrin & Company, LLC’s credit union professional services are custom services designed for your credit unions specific needs. We are here to help your credit union succeed.